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earACCESS Products & Services Now Available At 4 Aventus Branches!
by L.D. Ramirez

earACCESS Products And Services Now Available At 4 Aventus Branches Attract Image01
Need to get your hearing checked? Drop by at any of these Aventus locations - Makati, BGC, Ortigas, and North Edsa!

It is my great pleasure to announce that earACCESS products and services are now available at 4 Aventus clinics - Makati, BGC, Ortigas, and North Edsa!

Not only that, but Aventus's client companies outside of the range of the abovementioned clinics can still include hearing exams in their pre-employment and annual physical exam packages. Our mobile vans can just roll up to their doorsteps and get employees tested using earAccess's ANSI-standard portable audiometer, codenamed ShoeBox.

Shoebox is just as accurate as fixed, large audiometers. It's also lightweight, non-invasive, painless, straightforward, and fast. I've had the chance to observe it being used for a pure tone audiometry test and it only took about 5 minutes.

Affordable Hearing Aids In The Philippines Attract Image02
Aventus Medical and earAccess have partnered to provide high quality, affordable hearing aids to Filipinos.

Pure Tone Audiometry is the gold standard test for people 7 years and above that gives information about the degree and type of hearing loss. So if you've begun to observe or suspect hearing loss in yourself or one of your loved ones, you're going to want to book one of these for full confirmation and appropriate treatment.

Eventually, the complete suite of earACCESS services will be offered in all Aventus clinics. Because we're always thinking of your convenience. (^_~)

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