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POUND - Rock Out To This Workout!
Written by L.D. Ramirez (info sourced from a Connect With Life article by Krystyna Estrada)

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Invented by drummers and fitness rebels Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom, POUND is a full body workout powered by weighted drumsticks.

In a nutshell, POUND incorporates cardio, conditioning, and strength training with pilates and yoga-inspired movements.

Well, that's what its creators say. But you never really notice that. All you know is that you're moving to beat-heavy music while bashing away with your Ripstix. Then all of a sudden, your 45 minutes are up.

Kirsten and Cristina, both former school athletes and active drummers, realized that exercise fundamentals could be combined with drumming and music. The result was a workout that "connected people directly with the beat, using music as an escape to empower and motivate." No wonder a POUND session can go by so quickly.

Poundfit is nearing ten thousand trained instructors in fifty countries and has a youth program in development. Skip the weights and exercise machines for a while and give it a whirl!

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