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MeTro - A Surgical Glue That Patches Up Wounds In 60 Seconds
Condensed by L.D. Ramirez (sourced from an ABC News Times article by David Nield)

Surgical Glue That Patches Up Wounds In 60 Seconds Attract Image01
If the MeTro gel can be further developed into a commercial product, it could well become an essential part of a first responder's toolkit.

Scientists have developed an elastic, adhesive surgical glue that could transform emergency treatment by sealing up critical skin or organ punctures within 60 seconds, without the need for staples or sutures.

The gel is based on methacryloyl-substituted tropoelastin (MeTro), a hybrid elastic protein, and can be squirted onto internal and external wounds. As soon as it comes in contact with tissue surfaces, it solidifies into a gel-like substance. It is then further secured with a dose of ultraviolet light.

The scientists behind the gel report that it's simple to apply, can be easily stored, and works closely with natural tissue to heal a wound. What's more, it degrades without leaving any kind of toxic leftovers in the body, and can can be modified to last for a certain amount of time (between hours and months) depending on the type of injury.

To be clear, recent trials have been limited to animal specimens. But human trials are in the works, and the results to date are incredibly promising.

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