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Aventus Advisories
The Company:

Aventus Medical Care Inc., is an out-patient/clinic chain dedicated to providing holistic corporate health services through a network of wholly-owned clinic facilities with professional and highly trained staff.

We are a Corporate Health Care Service Provider company focused on occupational health, patient care and productivity enhancing wellness.

Our service is professional and compassionate, efficient and cost-effective with the patients' well-being in mind above all else.


We at Aventus Medical Care, Inc. are devoted to providing high quality, effective, and efficient clinic services intended to improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve. In doing so, we commit to maintaining the high standards of professional and reliable clinic care services to meet the needs of our clients.


Aventus Medical Care, Inc. aims to be the leading and widely recognized clinic health care provider in the country today. Through professional and competent medical staff coupled with modern technology and patient-centered services, Aventus shall be the premier choice for clinic related services in the community; at all times maintaining valued partnerships with our physicians, improving the health of our clients, ensuring the financial strength of our organization, and guaranteeing growth opportunities for the future.

Commitment to Values:

At Aventus Medical Care, Inc. we hold fast to the following values:

Excellence in Service – We are committed to the highest quality of service in all that we do while exceeding the expectations of those we serve.

People – We strive to be the clinic services provider of choice for clients, physicians, and employees.

Community focused – Our clinic services shall be a valued contributor to the communities we serve and endeavor to be professional and compassionate in all of our interactions.

Integrity – We shall be honest, responsible, and ethical in all our services. At all times guided by corporate values that emphasize dignity and respect for all.

The Aventus Way:

We embrace change.

We adapt and excel.

We commit to a common vision.

We value time.

We commit to patient centered care.

We perfect our craft.

We evaluate and act.

We value our unique responsibility.

We have a passion for excellence.

We work to lead.

HOW we do it is as essential

as WHY we do it

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