Mobile Clinic

A Mobile Health Clinic is essentially a doctor's office and clinic on wheels. A specially outfitted truck provides examination rooms, laboratory services, and special medical tests to companies situated in areas far from medical facilities, and to employees who are unable to travel long distances to obtain care.

Mobilizing health care is a simple, obvious, and underutilized idea. This is about taking screenings, primary care, advice, and in some cases even hospital-grade triage out of the building and as close as possible to your employees. By doing this, we also get as close as possible to the early stages of health issues.

A mobile clinic is care that works.

APE Standard

APE Standard is our basic package which includes the following: Physical Exam, Complete Blood Count, Urinalysis, Fecalysis, and Chest X-Ray.

APE Plus

APE Plus includes everything in the basic package, plus any number of additional procedures (e.g. Drug Test, Blood Chemistry, etc.)

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